Monday, December 1, 2008

2005 Flat Rock

I have a bit of experience with 2005 Niagara pinot noirs, and they've been varied. There's the frankly disappointing Creekside, the pure and silky Lailey, and the emotional, racy Flat Rock. It's been nearly a year since I first drank this wine, so I was very excited.

2005 Flat Rock Cellars Pinot Noir, VQA Twenty Mile Bench. The estate pinot noir, sourced from throughout the vineyard. My favourite. Explosive nose, lots of red fruits, spice, earth. That tell-tale Niagara warmth and clay. Lovely. Lean on the palate, but so silky and the transition to the finish guides you softly and surely. Lots of sour fruit on the palate, pleasant.

What's a bit disturbing is that the tint is browning. The wine has lost a bit of its sheen, its lustre. The rim is noticeably brown and amber, although the core remains red. This was a fairly light-coloured wine to begin with, which I love, but this significant transition at only 3 years of age is a bit troubling. It's a phenomenon I've noticed with Malivoire's pinot noir as well, but then those guys are anti-sulphur maniacs. I wonder how the Flat Rock Gravity pinot noirs will show.


  1. damn you for not waiting for me for this bottle

    i opened the 07...way too young...but im in waterloo and im desperate

  2. i second that.

    congrats on passing first exam.. how many do you have to do?

  3. My sincere apologies.

    I'll pull some nice things from the cellar when we have dinner. I still havn't seen the 2007 Flat Rocks in Toronto!

    One more exam to go.