Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2005 Lailey

I love Lailey wines. They represent Niagara so well - I challenge anyone to doubt Niagara's potential in creating complex, earthy wines after a taste of this. 2005 Lailey Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Such a light colour, the lightest of any Niagara pinot noir I've ever drank, and possibly one of the lightest red wines I've ever come across. No sign of browning at all, a deep saturation to the rim - completely the opposite of the fading Flat Rock from last week. Beautiful. I'm so, so tired of overdone wines - it's like being in a room full of plastic surgury blondes. The natural-looking brunette will always stand out as being the most beautiful.

What a gorgeous nose. That characteristic Niagara warmth and clay earthiness, those strawberries, that wild brush. On the palate, more complexity, and this is such a tight, tannic wine. No perceptible softening from the last time I drank this wine, July of 2007. Austere and complex, such vigour and character. A seamless transition to an almost rustic finish. Silky elegance draped over a steely structure.

This is the greatest Niagara pinot noir I've ever drank. Geographic companions pale to Lailey's elegance, complexity, and sturdy character. Showcasing Niagara terroir, Lailey demonstrates its unique style, and its flair.

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