Thursday, December 4, 2008

Death of democracy

Democracy died in this country today, when our Governor General rolled over like the obedient dog she is and allowed the criminal Harper to prorogue Parliament. In effect, Harper was giving the House of Commons and the Canadian people the finger, saying F*ck you, I'm still the PM and I'll try every single delay tactic I can to hold off the inevitable.

Stop this shit about the coalition government being undemocractic. What's undemocratic is a prime minister who uses an archaic motion to shut down Parliament, playing cheap political games to avoid a no-confidence vote. This is a vote, mind you, that is in every way constitutional and legal. The people have spoken, first by not coming out to vote, and now by telling the conservatives that they've lost the confidence of the nation's citizens, and should step down.

What Harper is doing is borderline illegal, and definitely childish, stupid, and cowardly. Harper, you've proven that you're an absolute dumb shit. Stop cementing your legacy as a power hungry fascist on top of that.

And this Governor General we have! Unbelievable! You prorogue Parliament under only the most extreme circumstances, when there actually is a national emergency. Why don't you wrap yourself tighter in the fur coats that have been bought with our tax dollars and stay out of this political mess!! I'd like to call her some other things, but none of it will be gentlemanly or humorous.

These kinds of shenanigans would never happen under the Communists. This is the democracy that you're all so proud about?? Bullshit democracy. Hiding under arcane constitutional gray areas to hold onto power and avoiding transparency and accountability in government. You see, this is why people embraced socialism.

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