Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dinner 3

Tonight's dinner was one of the most successful dinners we've ever hosted. Food came out perfectly, service was tidy, everyone was happy. The wine was incredible. That's what I'm most thankful for, that I wasn't embarrassed by a wine that was flawed. Imagine me decanting a wine, then discovering it was corked. Do I pour it back into the bottle to refund? I don't want to imagine it, because I'm terrified of it coming true.

We drank some amazing things tonight. Of course, more importantly, it was all held up against excellent cuisine. Four hours. That's how long we ate.

I didn't take any images of our dinner. Too vulgar, to pull out my cell phone as soon as I set the plate down.

It's wonderful to enjoy dinner with our dear friends again. Friends are important. What good does it do if you have a lot of great wine and no one to share it with? Our home is small, but it's full of life, and I'm grateful that we were able to share that with cherished friends.

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