Sunday, December 7, 2008

Douche alert!

Oh man, I've got to tell y'all about something. Y'all aren't gonna believe this!

Well.....I couldn't believe anyone could be so damn stupid. But seems the LCBO attracts the dim-witted and illiterate.

I was at LCBO, hoping to get some news about the Le Clos Jordanne release. This twinky (yellow outside, white inside) was at the info desk, with a case of 1996 Ch. La Gorce. I bought a few bottles of this wine from the last release. Anyways, he was trying to return the entire case. Apparently, he was claiming that they were all corked. The lady there basically told him to go f*ck himself. I clearly heard her say, "This wine is for British palates". To translate, that means that you have no taste, and don't have a f*cking clue about what you're talking about, so stop talking about wine.

The worst thing? He was trying to return an empty bottle, and another one that was half full. Ridiculous. If you thought it was a bad wine, why'd you finish it? You clearly don't have the ability to tell a corked wine from a good wine. And you drank the whole damn thing greedy bastard. You always sniff the wine before you pour a full glass. No need to drink to detect any flaws. The palate only confirms what the nose detects.

This idiot. An absolute embarrassment to Asians. The complete douche, the Wine Spectator wine drinker. Drinking from what the critics write, without having a damn clue. And trying to pass that off as connoisseurship. To the left-handed d-bag, with the bad haircut and even more horrific taste: leave wine alone. It's clearly not your thing. You're not fooling anyone.