Thursday, December 11, 2008


Etiquette is important right? I mean, you wouldn't burp with your mouth open in front or guests, or lick your knife right? Right?

Because of an upcoming dinner, I've been thinking about wine etiquette, pertaining to receiving wine as a dinner gift. My dear friend is very generous, and the greatest wines I've tasted have all been from his cellar. So for dinner this Saturday, if he brings over a great bottle, I should open it right? I mean, wouldn't it be rude to put it away, and open something else, something invariably inferior?

I love giving wine as a gift, especially if I know the recipient appreciates wine as much as I do. I'll always pick out something special, something I'd like to drink myself. Under that mentality, always open wine that a guest has brought for you, especially if the guest is a Wine Drinker. If they aren't Wine Drinkers, the wine will probably be decidedly mediocre at best, and deserves to be banished into the cupboard.

There. Problem solved. Whatever wine my guest brings over on Saturday, I will readily decant because I know it will be a special wine, and if I know my friends at all, I know that both of them will want a taste as well.

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