Monday, December 22, 2008


I have long hair. Every time I go in to Capelli, I get convinced to leave it alone. I don't know how this started - I never meant to grow it long. Wait.........I remember how it started. I didn't have money.

Many people, some who's opinions I value, and others not so much, have told me that it's too long. Maybe they're on to something.

But it costs money to get your hair cut. I just went in, at the beginning of the month. Kind of a waste to go in again right, in less than a month? Isn't it terribly bourgeois to be cutting your hair all the time?

For the past 20 years of my life, I cared about my appearance, almost a bit too self-absorbedly. Trying to change that. So I'm going to wait it out, just because I don't want to waste money. One more month, then I'll get it cut short. I don't give a shit how I look, I don't feel like I need to work that hard to impress anyone, right? I mean........shouldn't people be attracted to other areas of me as a person, regardless of the length of my hair?

Ok, ok, ok, ok........enough. Moving on.

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