Thursday, December 4, 2008

Le Clos Jordanne

Finally, I have been blessed with the opportunity to pick up these wines! I must have spoken about this earlier, and my roommates definitely know about this one. I've been trying to pick up Le Clos Jordanne wines since second year university. No success at all - even little Waterloo LCBO's were being run clean of these wines. And no wonder - they are the most legendary cult wines of Ontario.

Do you know how much trouble I went into getting these bottle? Enough trouble to have to drive down to Morningside - that's right, past UTSC, to the LCBO there. Thank goodness. Everyone there seems like such a hick. There were these two women there - one was giving wine lessons to the other. Neither had a damn clue. What'd they end up buying? Cheap American plonk and a big bottle of Bailey's. How typical.

These wines will be going away for a while. Not expecting too much out of the 2006's, but these are relatively tannic monsters. Just the like the Lailey pinot noir I'm drinking

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