Thursday, December 11, 2008


Good news, it seems that LCBO won't be releasing anything else until January. Spares the wallet from the cash diarrhea that was November and December.

Some Niagara properties have begun their icewine harvest. December 7, to be exact. When I go up, that's something I want to ask them about. Let's be honest, this is not ideal weather to be picking icewine grapes. Not while the temp goes up and down like an elevator.

The Bordelais might not offer a 2008 En Primeur campaign. Which is a shame, especially if the quality is better than what's been written - most of which is negative. If only the French would pull their heads out of their asses and really take a look around.....keep this kind of pricing going and in 3 years, we'll all be drinking f*cking Chilean cabernet and New Zealand pinot noir. I just shuddered at the thought.

On a brighter note - getting ready for a great dinner we're cooking this weekend for a few fellow wine drinking friends. Wine drinking, in the most tasteful and knowledgable sense. No f*cking Australian shit drinkers here. I've prepared a few bottles of claret, as well as a lovely port we'll enjoy after dinner. On the menu, traditional Southern Chinese cuisine, all with a Shanghai influence.

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