Sunday, December 28, 2008

Niagara 2

Just showered, sobered a bit. Not as tipsy.

Came out on what was possibly the most foggiest day in Canadian history. It was so foggy you literally couldn't see the car in front of you. Scary driving, but we made it to Thirty Bench, albeit 40 minutes late. But Alex was a good sport about it.

It was a good day. We drank lots of fantastic wines. And I mean A LOT. Did not make use of the spit bucket. I emulated one of my friends today, you know who you are!

Going to sleep soon, I am exhausted. Sleeping in tomorrow, definitely. I think we'll enjoy lunch at Old Winery Restaurant tomorrow, then maybe visit Flat Rock to see whether the 2007 pinot noirs are available. Then, back to Toronto - after all, all is back to normal on Monday.

A more detailed writeup on the wines and the food Sunday afternoon, back safe in Toronto. Staying overnight in Niagara isn't so bad. But this place is full of vulgar people, just full of them.........

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