Monday, December 22, 2008


Went to the dermatologist today, because my family doctor doesn't know what the lumps in my arms and my right palm are. Right - "I don't know" is just the thing I want to hear from a medical professional.

Turns out they aren't much. Aren't much to worry about, anyway. What upset me was the wait. There were three people booked for 4:30. How does that work? I'll tell you how that works. It's called over-booking, and milking the OHIP system for as much as you can.

It's just absolutely ridiculous. I waited 70 minutes, for an appointment I made a month in advance. Why bother with making appointments, if you're going to overbook? Might as well get everyone to rip tickets, like how they do at the driver's exam place and do it on a first-come-first-serve basis. Idiots.

It's a pretty well-padded system. Pack as many patients in a day as possible, collect a shitload of money from OHIP. That's why a socialist healthcare system is so flawed. You have to make people assume a portion of the healthcare burden beyond taxes, or else you have retirees going in to see GP's on a regular basis, for no apparent reason. Yes, there clearly was absolutely nothing wrong with the geezer sitting beside me. The secretary said that the doctor "started late today". What a load of shit. You're making me wait already - don't insult my intelligence.

Anyways, on a good note, I won't need surgery or anything, unless something obvious happens.

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