Sunday, December 28, 2008


Got back from Niagara at 5:15pm, harrowing. Can you believe how windy it was today? I couldn't get out of the hotel lobby. Literally, the wind was blowing through the stores so strong, I couldn't walk. Stuck in the doorway like a schmuck. The valets were helping push people out to their cars. And they shut down the Burlington Bridge. You know, the big one on the QEW that goes over Hamilton. That took about 45 minutes to bypass, with lots of illegal and rude swerving around. These people in Hamilton don't know how to drive.

---Rant on ahead.

And that little prick in the mod-on-a-budget FastandtheFurious Camry deserves to have his license suspended. You know, you're not gangsta when you install shit body kits that have pre-cut holes for two exhausts when you only have one, and when the colour of the kit doesn't match the body. You're just a little wannabe white boy trying to emulate Asian ricer cool. Not going to happen. You look like a f*cking idiot, and a cheap one at that. And I STILL cut you off, even though you tried your hardest to deny me entry, even though it was the right thing to do because the road to the bridge was closed. Ass. If this little boy was driving in Toronto, he'd be pwned into the lake.


Anyways......I'm a bit irate, a bit jittery, and very relieved that we made it back in one piece. Got a case of wine from Thirty Bench. Had a fantastic lunch at Old Winery Restaurant. Now, dinner, and then I'll start writing up some worthwhile notes.

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