Saturday, December 20, 2008


Finally, we get a true Canadian winter storm. Fairly accurate this time. Wind was howling, whiteout conditions. It was hell because Toronto drivers are absolute idiots who still don't realize that all-season tires are useless and you need to SLOW THE F*CK DOWN WHEN THERE'S A STORM!!!!

Went out to pick up
those kids my mother babysits. The usually 20 minute trip took 75 minutes. We were heading up the ramp on 401 East when disaster struck - none of the cars were moving. Just sitting there on the on-ramp, no way to get out either because cars were building up behind me. Finally, we got out, sort of coordinated for everyone to back out off the ramp, onto the road again. Problem was that the snow was falling so heavily and sticking so much on the windows that no amount of wiping would work. I was backing out blind, with only a slit to give me an indication as to how far away the car was behind me. Scary.

This was a bad storm. But why are we surprised - this is Canada. Walked
out today, and it was beautiful outside.

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