Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thirty Bench 6

Let's finish this off.

Thirty Bench is proving itself to be an exceptional producer of dry white wines. Beamsville is the right location - great acidity, great minerality from the limestone, and attracting the right people. And did I mention that Thirty Bench has one of the most well-designed wine labels I've ever seen in a New World producer?

These wines have finesse and elegance, but rippingly high amounts of acidity. I'm fascinated to see how well they age. 2007 is proving to be worth the hype - the wines from this vintage are some of the best I've ever tasted, and that goes across the majority of Niagara producers.

I'm excited for this producer. They only started producing these single vineyard rieslings in 2005, so we're watching from the very beginning. Give them 1o years, when they have a bit more of a track record, and these wines will be able to compete against the best the Mosel and Alsace can offer. That's how highly I think of these wines, and my friends will tell you how much I love German rieslings.

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