Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winding down

Another busy day. But I won't complain.

Loading some new things into my iPod, so I have a moment. New wine videos and some Rihanna. How amazing has her career gone? As long as you've got the right people around you...........

Back and forth from Bayview Village LCBO again. WTF, I feel like it's a mandatory pit stop from the office to home now. Ridiculous. At least I picked up some of my wines today. Finally - those idiots still havn't got the right paperwork ready, but at least they pulled some strings, and my wine came home with me.

Getting cold today, guess there's going to be some big storm tomorrow. Doesn't worry me - it's not like we've never seen some snow before. After driving back and forth from Waterloo last winter, with the pounding we got, 5-10 won't be anything.

Another great dinner coming up this Saturday. Seeing some friends I havn't seen in ages. Tomorrow, going to the CP24/CHUM headquarters to volunteer at their warehouse. Packing children's gifts I guess.

This is most troubling. Looked into my wine drawer today...I have no more wine! All the things I've been buying are to be put away - nothing's ready to drink!! What do I do....................

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