Sunday, January 4, 2009

2000 Saint-Joseph

Yet another (older) Northern Rhone. 2000 Yves Cuilleron "Les Serines", AC St-Joseph.

I've had this bottle for several years as well. Since we're keeping up the theme of drinking Saint-Joseph, I thought it'd be perfect to drink this with dinner. I was cooking rabbit with wild mushrooms and stewed shallots, as well as a curry beef broth. Nice Sino-Franco combination, no?

The label on my wine looks a bit rugged, but no matter. Nice, lustrous, deep red. Impressive saturation from core to rim. Beautiful nose of ripe, red cherries, lilac, and smoke. Unfortunately, this is another lean wine. Graphite notes, but otherwise, not much in the way of varietal character. Unfortunately. The esteemed writer, The Winedoctor, shares my views, albeit for the 2001 vintage:

Anyways, the rabbit turned out well. Simmered in white wine, the shallots and garlic turned translucent, and were absolutely delicious on their own. The mushrooms added such a rustic quality and thickness to the sauce. Do I sound pleased with myself? I am.

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