Saturday, January 24, 2009

2007 Vinho Verde

Drank an interesting wine, the first time I've ever had a red vinho verde. 2007 Adega Coop Ponte de Barca, DOC Vinho Verde.

People most commonly associate vinho verde with white wines, so it was very interesting to see this red come up. Just look at the colour! Inky, but not black - it's the most beautiful purple colour, especially at the rim.

Quite a complex aroma. Lots of grape aromas, which is interesting. How often do you come across a wine that smells purely and wholly of grapes? A touch of cedar, which is surprising - do they use oak? And of course, a brambly earthiness that gives it its verde namesake.

Nice, elegant wine on the palate, in fact. Just a touch of effervescence on the tongue. No edges, for such a young wine. But this sour finish! Almost makes you pucker, I've never tasted such a sour wine. This is beyond being acidic.

A wine with more complexity than I expected. But given the sourness, a one-time experiment. Nonetheless, a much better value than Beaujolais Nouveau.

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