Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another slow day

Snow outside today. It wasn't so bad though - at least not as bad as everyone's making it. It was chunky snow this morning, but there wasn't that much wine and it was mainly slush - nothing winter tires can't handle. That is, if you have winter tires. Toronto drivers are so arrogant with respect to having proper tires - after all, they are the world's greatest drivers, so what's difference with having winter tires? Wait......every time we get snowfall, there's hundreds of accidents reported. THAT'S the difference!

VintagesOnline release today. Some 2005 Bordeaux offered, the second wine of Chateau Cos D'Estournel. Really wanted it, but then...some interesting single malt scotches as well. I need a wine patron.

I apologize if my last few posts have been pretty dry. New year's slump. I'm sleeping fairly early (or at least trying to) on weekdays. I'll post more interesting things when I have an hour to write, and when I've had the chance to at least drink some wine. Because.......that's the point with wine, correct? To drink it?

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