Tuesday, January 27, 2009



Kazu's birthday is coming up, and he want the above pictured Bottega Veneta wallet. Doesn't want a black one, doesn't want a brown one - wants some kind of dark, olive shade. I'm not too sure about this.

I'm from the belief that a man's wallet should above all be discreet, and be of excellent material and workmanship. The ultimate vulgarity is using a wallet because of the implied and false classiness of a brand name or fashion trend.

This is an unmanly wallet. Men don't need such frivolous wallets. Besides, he has some wonderful, and more meaningful, wallets left to him from his father. This, unfortunately, satisfies only a vanity and image.

Lucy DaWei, this is your area of expertise. Let me know what you think.


  1. David,
    I don't pretend to know much about men's fashion, but I do agree with you in regards to the wallet. A very obvious signature weave pattern...and other than the shape, it is quite feminine. I personally disagree with "mom wallets"...those that one's mom would buy them (the lv monogram most especially) that you end up throwing at the bottom of the closet for clichedness. This is a mom-wallet, I hate to say it. I would try and find something of fine quality leather that wears well with time. I think wallets in general get a lot of use, and in a nice beautiful worn leather it's obviously quality and very special. I definitely judge guys on their wallets, because it's one of their only and most essential accessories. That one isn't as cool as Kazu might think. THAT BEING SAID...it IS his birthday, and that IS what he wants...
    and wow I've written an essay. Let me know if you need any help picking one out.


  2. YES! Yes, yes, yes, you get my point!

    You know how he got this whole Bottega Veneta thing in his head? Because his mother has been screeching about buying one of their purses for the past 3 years.

    It's just too feminine, like you said. Everything about it. But the Japanese blur the gender lines in the accessories they use. Kazu has a man bag.

    I just find it terribly gauche. He's going to go in a different direction next year, I know it. I suggested a more meaningful gift, as it was his 20th birthday. I wanted to get him a money clip, and get it engraved with his initials and date. But....the Japs are slaves to trends, and I guess this is what's trendy in Tokyo now.

    Thanks for offering - we didn't know where to look for BV in Toronto, so we asked a friend in New York to look for us. I guess she'll buy it there, and mail it up to us?

  3. You can probably pick it up at Holt Renfrew, or try the bv online store.

    The bloor st. holts: 416 922 2333 call to ask.

    But I know what you mean about asian trend love...it's his birthday so just make him happy!

  4. i'm still waiting for you to bust out that LV man bag

  5. lol...lucy has holt's digits down

    i need a money clip, the dollar bills here are annoying. you can look like a balla here with tons of bills in the wallet but it's all dollar bills

    i'm too poor to use a money clip for canadian currency

  6. Lol, I know! Lucy's solid on fashion.

    The man bag will never happen. Never. I should put a photo of it up.

    You have to gangsta it up man, you're in Cali. Use a rubber band. Just don't, you know, wander into the wrong neighborhoods.