Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dinner on McNicoll

Had dinner at a family friend's yesterday, for Chinese New Year. As you can see, I hope they understand that I wasn't exactly in high spirits.

The food, as our host always prepares, was delicious. They spend 5 hours or so grocery shopping on Friday, and all of Saturday to prepare. This family is always so generous and it makes everyone so guilty when they slave away in the kitchen all night, not coming out to eat until we're almost done.

Of the three wines, we only
drank one. 2005 Chateau Larroque, AC Bordeaux. Everyone's mood was a bit muted - one of our friend's father is very sick. He came to dinner, but left early yesterday.

Thank you to our hosts
for such an extravagant dinner. Lets hope we can put the past year behind us and look forward to better times.

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  1. it's's my first new years without family...i'm having pasta...and i've been having pasta for 3 weeks