Thursday, January 1, 2009


...we go again! Just like any other day, right?

Lots going on in January, a lot to keep me distracted. The first wine release in many weeks on January 10. There's a bottle of vintage port that I've been eyeing....

Out and about this month. How I'm going to do the CSC Exam 2 alongside, I have no idea. Hope for the bell curve? Damn, there's no such thing.

Need to balance my wine purchases. No more maniacal buying. Tops, absolutely tops, $100 per release. Rest, into a savings account. Out of sight, out of mind. Remove the temptation, and you're tempted no more.

I know what I want for Christmas next year! Zalto Denk'Art Champagne glasses. Yes, they're pricey, but the people who complain about expensive glassware are the people who don't mind drinking out of a paper cup. So you're willing to spend $75 on a bottle of wine, but drink it out of dipshit $1.99 IKEA glasses?

Which leads to my next point. I promise to curtail the cursing. I'm not a Mormon, I can't promise to be a saintly choirboy. But........I try my best to cut out unnecessary profanity. Because only bad writers need to swear, right? And I'm not a bad writer, just a mediocre one.

Wow, I am lusting after those
Champagne glasses. My mind's a mess of thoughts of music, food, wine, and family, but lately, all I can think about is how great it'd be to have a proper set of Champagne glasses. I've been drinking out of my tulip glasses, which works, but...anyways, at least I'm avoiding flutes. And, and........they can double as Sauternes glasses! Almost the same shape, right?

I got pretty toasted last
night. I'll put up some pictures later, but we ended up going to a family friend's just before midnight. The kids there were putting on this piano rehearsal - a couple of them are preparing to do their ARCT exams. These kids are a lot better than we were at their age. And a lot more spoiled. When I was 15, my Christmas gifts mainly consisted of maybe clothing or books. These kids - one got a cell phone, another got a Wii, another got a pack of video going well into the 3-digits. Wow. My family didn't even exchange gifts this year. We're practical people - we just go out and buy stuff. Stuff that we can all use. See the Wusthot Chef's knife, and the Riedel glasses. Like I said, practical.

Anyways, the kids were playing away
at the piano, and I was dozing off a bit. Technically, they hit each note, but this emotion you need to play Chopin, it only comes with age. One of my uncles handed me a Stella Artois, and I was gone. I don't even remember how many we had - apparently, he was as bored as I was. I remember......clapping violently at all the wrong spots, and generally making an ass of myself. But at least I was dressed nicely.

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