Saturday, January 31, 2009


I don't like fashion. I think it's frivolous, and if you really need to study magazines and all that, you have no style to begin with. Style (and taste) isn't, and can't be taught. Inherited, definitely. Style is intertwined with taste. Not exactly the same thing, but you can't do with one and not the other.

Taste is internal. Style is an outward manifestation of your taste.

When you see something, when you smell something, when you taste something, when you hear something - your taste is what tells you the value of such sensations. When you mentally process a sensation, you differentiate whether it's appealing or not.

Style is just an expression of your taste, one that everyone can see. People recognize your style when you wear a well-tailored suit, but only because your taste has dictated the specific cut, material, details when you purchased it.

So you see why these things can never be taught. What you see in print media is someone else's style, deriving from someone else's taste. What's considered trendy is only so because certain influential people have designated it so. Trends are worthless, in all things. Clothing, wine, music - what matters is your own cultivated taste, and whether your style corresponds to it. You think buying everything with a TNA logo, or a Polo logo makes you fashionable/trendy/classy? Let's be honest - you're only proving the genius of North American marketing, and the naivete of an eternally teenage mindset.

I'll never be a trendy person. Don't have the money for it, and well.........not gay. I'm a classicist. I believe in the old way, when the male figures in your life taught you how to dress. How to have your clothing fit you, how to value good materials and workmanship. And the quiet confidence of wearing understated, well-tailored, timeless pieces. It's a show of insecurity, for men to want to be trendy. This narcissistic need for people to recognize that you're wearing designer labels, and that you're able to afford it. No, this is not style, it's the ultimate in gauche, uncouth, yuppy culture.

Let me share a website with you. The Sartorialist. I admire him, because I think he's one of the most dynamic portrait photographers I've ever seen. And his eye for detail is amazing. You won't see overt designer logos, because he knows better than that. This is a man of taste and style.


  1. very well written =)

    Carmen Lau.

  2. Thanks Carmen!

    I really pride myself in writing like I know what I'm talking about. Snobby enough about wine, but I really don't know how I started talking about men's clothing. Lol, probably that bit about my cousin's birthday gift.

    And Happy Birthday, we really need to get together, havn't seen you since Panorama!