Monday, January 5, 2009

It's not fair

Life isn't fair. I know, what with not being jealous of the fortunes of others. But why is it that garbage plonk makers like the myriad of Australian wineries thrive while good people like Marynissen flounder in obscurity? Why, in the wine world, is uniformity and hopeless mediocrity rewarded with financial success, while honest winemakers who make interesting, unique, and expressive wines ignored?

Cheap, callow, uneducated palates who don't bother with intellectually engaging in wine. The type who chug it down their gullets, without any care as to quality. These are the heathens that are ruining the industry. This really upsets me. When you have absolute brainless turkeys who buy mass-produced plonk en masse, that's what's going to drive the market. There's no room for small producers. Who can compete with someone who has the facilities to pump out 3 million cases a year? Push yields up to 3 times what they should be, and make your money through volume.

I'm bothered by this, and still deeply upset. What's going to happen to small producers who place quality and expression of the terroir first, ahead of profits? Is the only way to survive in Niagara going to take after Jackson-Triggs? Sell out like a whimpering dog, willing to beg anyone to stay afloat? Pathetic.

The day multinational holding companies own the wines I love is the day I will give up wine.

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