Thursday, January 1, 2009

Jan. 1

It's a new year! What to do for this year? I'm not one to set resolutions, and I think people who take that stuff seriously are silly. The whole idea of new year's resolutions is silly, to be frank. But in the spirit of the demise of 2008 and rise of 2009, I'll promise to just live this year. To live my life without being pushed around. To never just go through the motions, to just get through each day.

Havn't tallied it up, but I suspect I've drank my fair share of wine in 2008. Really explored Niagara, meeting some interesting characters. In 2009, I want to set out and explore more of what the wine world has to offer - Central Otago pinot noir, South African cabernet, Rias Baixas, vin jaune, and of course, a lot of cremant and Chinon. Let's watch out for the obscure, the interesting, and of course, the value-driven. To a 2009 filled with exciting possibilities in wine!

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