Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Jap



There's something about old Japanese men. I don't hide my disdain for these characters - they're all imperialists who won't own up to their war crimes against the Chinese. It burns me everytime they deny wartime aggressions so callously - right, in the 1940's, when you slap a Shanghai man in Shanghai for not bowing to you when he crosses a bridge in his own city, that's just the way of war right? But I'm generalizing. Still...

Sorry about the detour. Get hot under the collar whenever I talk about that period.

Look at this man - the epitome of high style. The posture, the cigarette, how he buttons the double-breasted coat - so unique. Conventionally, you button only the top button in a DB coat, but clearly, this man doesn't care. And why should you, when you look like you're Yakuza? It's definitely the cigarette that pulls it all together. And the glasses!

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