Monday, January 5, 2009

John Marynissen

I learned about something very sad today. John Marynissen died, at the age of 84.

I'm so sorry to hear. I really came to admire and love his wines - they just spoke to me. They spoke to me of the hot Niagara clay, of our cold northern climate, and of a dedication to cabernet. Marynissen wines are some of the finest cabernet blends I've ever tasted. Honest, sensible, and unabashedly true to Niagara terroir. Canada has lost an extraordinary steward of the land.

Now what's next? I'll be heading up to Marynissen soon. I sincerely hope the tradition of making exceptional wines continues there - it'd be such a shame to lose this jewel of Niagara winemaking. Thank you to Marynissen, for your wines. You live on through them.

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