Sunday, January 25, 2009

Liquid gold

Read the whole thing first.

I've heard about this wine. The most expensive in the world, by far, on release. 100% pinot noir Champagne, from a legendary vineyard.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Ludicrous. Are you kidding me? $4529 for a bottle of Champagne? I don't care how good this wine is, there is no way, NO WAY, that anyone can justify this kind of pricing. Unless you pick, ferment, age, re-ferment, riddle, disgorge, GRAPE BY GRAPE. F*cking ridiculous.

They're offering 12 bottles this release. I'd really, really like to know who could be a big enough of a dumb shit to buy this wine. Really like to know.

Did you notice the tasting note for this wine? Asimov is one of the very, very few people who've tasted this wine. Do you see a note from Parker? Wine Spectator? Decanter? Robinson? IWC? No way. Because no one, not even the great critics, are able to taste this wine. How is it possible for Krug to open these bottles for critics to taste, if they're charging this price? This wine goes completely by reputation, and reputation alone.

How do quantify and analyze the taste of a wine this expensive? The last bottle of Champagne I drank was about $40. Does this mean that this bottle tastes 100 times as good?

Liquid gold, literally
. How can you possibly even dream of making this kind of purchase, in this economic market?

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