Saturday, January 10, 2009

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Posts have been coming hard and furious. Maybe it's because writing's an outlet for me, maybe it's just a distraction. I like it though - it's routine to blog now. And I really want to get this thing rolling.

Last 100 posts..........

I've been buying many, many wines, especially 2005 Bordeaux, vintage Champagne, and top Niagara wines. But before I go into the wine - the last 100 posts finished off 2008, and I really wanted to finish the year strong.

We had the epic dinner with the Chu's. Drank a lot of claret and of course, opened my 1981 colheita port. Delicious.

Drank a lot of more mature wines. Drinking some wines that I've held onto for quite some time. A lot of interesting wines.

Went to Niagara again. A transcendent experience with the Thirty Bench rieslings.

Rang in the New Year. Trying to start 2009 with energy and enthusiasm, regardless of how things are externally. Attitude's the only thing we can control right?

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