Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday the first

First weekend of 2009, and let's start things off right. I'm typing now with a glass of Remy Martin VSOP Cognac in my left hand, so you know I'm in good spirits.

We had dinner with my cousin today. He's back from a trip East. Brought over a bottle of excellent rice wine, which is always appreciated. Ate and drank myself silly.

Let's start the year strong. It's hard, but I'll try to keep to as regular a schedule during weekdays as possible. Early to bed, early to rise............right?

I have an important announcement to make. A rather morbid announcement, actually. I'm out of wine. No more wine that's ready to drink in the house anymore. Pathetic, considering all the wine I've been buying. Am I hoarding, instead of enjoying? That's it - for the next 6 months, all the wine I buy will be for drinking within the month.

Which leads to something interesting - I posted 83 pieces in the month of December. That's more pieces than the first 7 months of this blog combined. Clearly, I have far too much idle time.

Getting cold outside, isn't it? Such is life in Canada. Next few months will be a good time for hearty reds, and luscious ports. Curvy wines, with body and character. I'd suggest drinking more cognac, but my parents most likely won't tolerate my hobby any longer if it included hard liquor. But then - it's also made out of grapes, right?

I know, I know - if you wanted to read random thoughts and incoherent statements, you'd turn on CNN right? Just whetting your appetite, I'll start putting up some more interesting pieces soon. As I've demonstrated throughout my University career, I've never let a lack of subject matter understanding stand in the way of making a bold argument. Get ready for it, I'll let you decide which end I'm talking out of, mouth or ass.

Let me give you a taste. I'll make an argument for terroir, presenting a thesis of my understanding of the term. I'll explain why I think (well-integrated) stink makes a wine better. And I'll argue why this New World method of planting a wide variety of grape varietals is a straight road to hell.

Along the way, I'll keep writing about interesting wines I've drank, and that've excited me. I'll be planning a trip back down to Niagara soon. There's a few acclaimed wineries that I have yet to visit, and whose wines have yet to pass my lips. And since I'm one of the first to graduate amongst my friends, I want to do more dinners and more tastings with everyone. What good is wine if you can't share it?

Ok, I swear, I promise, this is my last post about this upcoming year. For the last time, let's toast to the new year, to a fresh start. Here's to a 2009 filled with wine and food and happiness.

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