Saturday, January 31, 2009

Silver Fox


The Silver Fox. This man exudes power and influence. The details don't hurt either. The yellow framed glasses tucked in behind the handkerchief, the unbuttoned shirt cuff, the cigarette. I'm seriously considering smoking again. And notice the softly rolled lapel of his jacket. Just a really well-made, well-fitted suit, in a beautiful colour and material.

This isn't flashy at all, but a true man of style. It's the details that count, and the people that don't appreciate these details, well - don't have the sense. It's easy to overlook this kind of man as just being a drab dresser, but look beyond and into the details, and you'll understand the brilliance of his subtlety. Clothing, as in wine, and as in life, is all about the subtle nuances.

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