Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Things are just trudging along. Looking forward to tomorrow and Friday. Release days, naturally. There's an interesting Lebanese wine I'd very much like to taste. Ksara 2006, I believe.

Read this article please: http://www.tonyaspler.com/pub/articleview.asp?id=1374&s=5

I'll write my piece later, but I want you to read Aspler's first. He's one of my favourite writers who I think makes some extremely valid points about Ontario wines and the industry as a whole. When people say "It's only about how the wine tastes", it means they're either ignorant/clueless about wine, or are rather just extremely naive - in any case, wine is about a whole lot more than what it tastes like.

I like this stat counter thing I'm playing around with. There's actually people all around the world who've visited here - no joke. There was someone from Paris, Birmingham, Liberia, Guyana.......

Keep it short and simple. Good night, past my bedtime already. Snow tomorrow.....

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