Saturday, January 31, 2009

This is IT!


Wow. What power, what cool, what fearlessness...

Ever since I've started working, I've been wanting to buy more business formal clothing. Walking into a meeting, you really want to set the right tone, and create a good first impression. This man has got IT.

The confident pose, the walk. He knows exactly where he's going, and is going to take things at his pace.

The wide spread collar - this is a trend. The collar that is almost horizontal? I like it, but only if its in proportion. What are you going to do with all your wide spread shirts, when the trend inevitably ends? Again, the unbuttoned shirt cuffs. I never button my shirt cuff, and it works only if the shirt and suit you're wearing is well-tailored. If it fits well, why button?

The snug jacket. It's not tight, it just fits well, creating a great, trim silhouette. Men are scared of looking rotund too, you know. The perfect length of the jacket sleeves, and pants. Shorter than some people like, but it's what I try to do with my clothing. Shows more of your shirt cuff, as well as your shoes. Creates a cleaner, sharper profile.

And, the double monk-strap shoes. I want monk-strap shoes, but a single strap will do. Notice that they're brown as well. And notice that the pants and the jacket aren't the same colour. More interesting to mix colours, which is a clue to spot a man with style. A suit isn't a formulaic uniform - there's endless things you can do, and this man demonstrates it perfectly.

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