Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend taste

Still waiting for my buddies to show up, to taste some wines. What to do in the meantime.........

Drank a vintage port tonight with my steak au poivre. Delicious combination. The smoky, complex port really complements the steak well.

Sleeping in tomorrow, as I did today, because I need to start collecting sleep. Recharging, because the rest of the month will be busy. And did I mention that I still need to do the second exam for my CSC?

Cold tonight! Really starting to feel like winter. The sucky kind. No snow, just grey skies and freezing temps. Hate this weather. Wouldn't mind freezing my ass off if there was at least snow.

Chinese New Year is coming up. We already know where we'll be having dinner to celebrate! We'll be going to a friend's place, another foodie and wine lover. It'll be fantastic, I'll bring over some Rhone and Midi wines. I'm totally planning on getting inebriated.

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