Saturday, January 31, 2009

Young ones





The young guns. The inspiration here comes not so much from the clothes, but how they wear them. How relaxed they look in them. Maybe its the cigarettes, maybe the wine glass. But the confidence! I should definitely take up smoking again.

Top photo: So relaxed, so chilled out. Who cares that the shirt isn't tucked in. Everything's unstructured, loose, but still fits perfectly.

Second photo: Nothing special, just perfect colour combination, excellent fit, and that popped collar. See, this is what popping your collar should look like. But seriously, don't be a douche, it just looks like your collar has an erection.

Bottom two photos: The scarves are great. No one wears silk scarves. It's not reserved for women, you know. It's a traditional item of clothing, and if you wear it nonchalantly like these men, it completes the look. I like having something around my neck to keep warm, maybe my phobia of catching a cold.

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