Saturday, February 14, 2009

2001 Monbazillac


I absolutely love mature, older sweet wines. There's just something about dessert wines that develop more and more complexity and richness as they age, something you can't say about icewine. Listen, I love Niagara with all my heart, but icewine is the false face of the industry.

2001 Chateau Monbazillac, AC Monbazillac.

I've had this wine for quite some time. Not exactly an "older" wine, but come on, relatively speaking - how many civilian drinkers hold and drink dessert wines like this? Interesting name, mirroring its appellation. I've tasted 2 bottles of this exact wine in the past, and I've been holding onto this one ever since. It's turned amber, quite a remarkable darkening in colour. It used to be light gold.

Lots of minerality, a chlorine character on the nose. Dried red dates, dried apricots, just a lovely, fruity aroma. Excellent balance on the palate - it reminds me of a 4 puttonyos Tokaji, high acidity and just perfect sweetness. Dried fruits follow in the mouth, ending in a long, sweetened finish. So delicious.

Drank this with a chunk of brie, oh my goodness. An orgasmic food experience, if there ever is one.

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