Saturday, February 7, 2009

2005 Chinon


I love this wine. 2005 Couly-Dutheil La Baronnie Madeleine, AC Chinon.

The first experience I've had with this wine was their 2003 vintage. Wrote somewhat well of it, here, in the post Honest Loire.

This wine clearly demonstrates the 2 most important things in wine - a sense of place, and vintage characteristics. As typical with 2005, this is a well structured wine, with great density and power. And there's no mistaking, from the nose onto the palate. This is clearly a Loire wine, with great complexity and depth.

Deep purple colour, full saturation to the rim. Nose of celery stalk, washed vegetables, graphite minerality, and ripe red fruits. The palate shows great intensity, and confirms the nose. Big, but ripe tannins, all balanced by a racy acidity. Long, mineral-tinged finish.

Just a great, balanced wine that will definitely show better with some age. From what I remember, this is much more dense than the 2003, and much heavier. Just more presence, but very well-balanced.

I was a bit reticent to pour this wine for my friends over dinner. Wasn't sure they'd like it, especially if Loire red wines weren't familiar on the palate. But they enjoyed it, which I appreciate. I shouldn't be surprised though - these girls have fantastic taste. Just a fascinating, interesting wine that's so complex. A wine for intellectuals and sensualists, if there is such thing.

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