Friday, February 20, 2009

2005 Chiroubles


It's almost becoming a cliché to fawn over cru Beaujolais wines among wine circles. I happen to agree, in this instance. When done right, these wines can be absolutely delicious.

2005 Domaine du Clos Verdy, AC Chiroubles.

I've had this bottle for a bit over a year, and was running out of drinkable wine, so this one was it. I've always loved cru Beaujolais. Really bright, earthy wines, well-balanced with great acidity and structure. On top of that, the majority of these wines are great value wines.

Great saturation in colour, deep purple to the rim. Lovely bouquet of sweaty red fruits, bright cherries, and earthy tones. When you get that sweat aroma, it's an indication of a gamay handled properly. Doesn't sound appealing, but if you doubt it, let's have a bottle together and you'll understand.

Such transparency on the palate. Well-balanced, ripe fruit, with a tight backbone and structure. The tannins are present, but quite refined, and finely grained. Just an excellent wine, with intensity and focus. Beautiful.

Wines from this region can be hit and miss, but this wine is clearly an excellent example of what gamay can deliver. Often, you get really candied fruit aromas, with overly bitter, underripe tannins. Not in this case. Minimal manipulation, varietal and vintage characteristics. With some age comes perfect drinkability.

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