Saturday, February 21, 2009

Being fussy

I'm not a fussy person - I never was. I was easy going as a child, and I'm still easy going as an almost grownup. I don't understand high-maintenance, and I really can't stand the type.

Same applies to wine. Some people are really fussy about tasting - everything needs to be textbook, with regards to temperature, serving procedure, etc.

Stop it. This is affected and quite queer. There's really no need to treat wine tasting like some kind of ritual. As long as you're able to approach and understand wine in an honest and respectful way, you'll be fine.

All I need is the proper stemware, and good company to share wine with. I don't care too much, because I understand how wine can change when its served under all sorts of conditions. It's just too affected when you insist on aerating wine for exactly 3 hours, and at exactly 13 degrees Celcius. Get a grip. In any case, its so true how people drink red wine too warm, and white wine too cold. And plus, all folks in wine circles know that you drink wine at higher temperatures to get a full idea of how the wine tastes.

Snobby enough of a tone for you?

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