Wednesday, February 25, 2009


You see, when people work together, and are reasonable, good things happen. Thank you, really looking forward to this!

Aside: Of all the so called wine blogs being written, 95-98% of it is pure dribble, La Cave de Fang included. To be a good wine blogger, you need experience, credibility, and know the right people. I have none of these things. Just being honest - I'm serious about my blog, but I question anyone else who would take it seriously as well.


Anyways. Going out tomorrow to get some wine for this weekend. Really, really sad that it's come to this. So much money spent on wine, yet I still don't have any drinkable at home. Going against everything that I've railed about here.

Things are slowing down a bit, lately, but I'm thankful for all the readers that keep coming back. Especially my international audience, please come back and visit often!

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