Sunday, February 1, 2009


In my work life, disclosure is an important thing. So I must reiterate that all the preceding photos (non-wine related, of course), are from the blog The Sartorialist. Really, I don't want to get, like, sued or anything for stealing someone's photos.

I'm a huge fan of this photographer. Not so much of his more high fashion photos, but his street photography is extraordinary.

And now, I am druuuuuunk, and not in a good place. Mind is shot, I should really be getting to bed. Good night.

You really love me, you really do! Readership JUMPED in the last few hours of Saturday, and early Sunday. Well, it's just after 1 am Sunday. We can count it as 2 days. I really thought I was going to get zero page views on Saturday, but you came through for me, so thank you very much, I hope you enjoyed what I've written. Really, I hope you enjoyed it because I think it's the last time I'm going to talk about clothing. Honestly, how lame is it to write about content from someone else's blog? LAME!!! And I hate being a lame person.

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