Monday, February 23, 2009


Maybe third time's the charm. Signed up today at a fitness club, for the 3rd time in 5 years. Maybe this time things will go right, and I'll be able to stick with it.

First time: Valleywood. That club on Leslie, north of Steeles. Kind of hidden in a ravine, it was a beautiful club, and they made you pay dearly for it. $85 a month, for a pool, tennis courts, and a workout filled with mounds of aged and wrinkly man flesh. The perfect storm of August, 2004 completely demolished Valleywood. The outdoor swimming pool got swamped and broke down the filtration system. Tennis courts were flooded and surface ruined. Bridge got completely washed away by the flooding river - it was there when I went in, gone 75 minutes later. The owners threw in the towel, closed the club down, and I lost a lot of money.

Second time: Goodlife, Waterloo. Good location, start of third year, really hyped to be joining a club again. Thought that because I was paying for it, I would be more diligent in working out, instead of say, going for free at CIF. Didn't work out too well. After some account holds during the summer, harsh winters, and lots of wine drinking, I pretty much gave up. The only highlight was the girl that signed me up. Totally gave off this really hot MILF vibe. Sorry, how rude. I meant "cougar".

Third time: Goodlife, Toronto. Seeing how I'm finally starting to get how important fitness is to overall physical and mental health, I should start taking this stuff seriously. It should work out - I feel motivated. We'll see how this goes. Here we go again!


One more thing - WTF, Time Canada? How can you just shut down your Canadian subscription service, cancel everyone's service, and not even tell them about it? I stopped receiving my issues on January 5, no replies to my emails or phone calls, wtf man? And even though its been cancelled for a month, still havn't seen my refund cheque. Come on man, get your shit together. Will I subscribe to Time US? I don't know. F*cking Americans, give them your money and you're f*cked. No accountability, no responsibility.

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