Monday, February 2, 2009

Got you!


I told you, I told you, and now I've got you! 2005 Couly-Dutheil La Baronnie Madeleine, AC Chinon.

Drove, literally, half way around the city to get this bottle. Bayview Village's playing f*cking mind games with me. One moment you see this in their inventory, one minute its gone, and now there's 2 bottle again. WTF, man, WTF.

I really love this wine. I remember the 2004 so vividly - really, the wine that proved the genius of Chinon, and how fantastic cabernet franc can be.

One interesting note. Because of the Bin Ends sale, I paid more for this bottle than the premium cuvee that Couly-Dutheil makes, the Clos de L'Echo. I'll look forward to drinking these two wines together.

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