Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey Vincor, help me out

I love Niagara terroir, and I want to learn and experience as much as I can about it. I know I'm in an envious position of being only an hour away, and I plan on taking advantage of this - not everyone lives so close to a winegrowing region that has such potential to produce one of the great wines of the world. I'm not interested at all in these touristy, 'fun' wine tours. Those are for amateurs. I want to learn all the technical things, I want to get into the dirt and really get a comprehensive picture of Le Clos Jordanne terroir. Terroir isn't some marketing catchphrase to me - it's a real, tangible thing, and it's the most crucial thing in wine.

Let's make this happen.


  1. Hi I rarely say anything on a blog, but I’m interested in wine and spend a fair bit of time rattling around the internet with a particular interest in the wines of Niagara because like you I am lucky enough to live close enough to visit the region quite regularly. Your recent post about wanting to go on tour at Le Clos Jordanne is frankly outrageous. First off your clam that the so called fun tours are for the amateurs is curious because I don’t think that you are a wine professional in any sense of the word are you? Secondly will knowing all of the technical things change how you enjoy the wine or will it just give you something else to write about. If you are really interested in getting a comprehensive picture of the wines I think that you should just go out and buy them, surly tasting the wine from different plots of ground and comparing them to other wines from the area is the best way to make up your own mind, or is it that you are all students who are all on an extremely tight budget and through badgering and begging you hope to get a private tour and so taste the wines for free? To my mind there is no confusion you are a clueless dope.
    Charlie Brand

  2. Hey, still here? Click back to the homepage, look for the post titled "Talk". Unless of course, you're the hit and run type. You know, write a weakly worded retort, then disappear into the recesses of the internet?