Saturday, February 14, 2009


Le Clos Jordanne. Does any other Niagara winery really evoke this kind of mystique, this kind of exclusivity? I don't think so. This has been one of the most elusive wines I've ever come across - maybe because I care about Niagara too much, and whenever a wine claims to truly represent Niagara terroir, I always want to experience it.

Which brings me to that tirade on Thursday. You know, the one where I called myself the greatest motherf*cker ever. This weekend's release featured South Africa, but who gives a shit - the star was a lineup of single-vineyard Le Clos Jordanne wines. 3 pinot noirs, 2 chardonnays, epic greatness. I guess you could compare them to Burgundy in that these single-vineyard wines are the Niagara equivalent of a Burgundian Premier Cru, while the Le Grand Clos wines are comparable to Grand Cru wines. Anyways, it was so exciting because I managed to get all of them, and I'll bet money that I was the first person in Ontario to get them. Take me up on it. I f*cking dare you.

All 2006. My friends are going to thank me for working so hard to get these wines, when we get to taste them in 5 years or so. You'll all kiss at my feet when you're the few people in this world who get to taste the whole range of Le Clos Jordanne.

Dropped into Bayview Village today, just to see if they had any left. They ran out of the chardonnays, and didn't even carry one of the pinot noirs. Thank goodness I got them early because I would have been out of luck and extremely pissed.

Coming up - the lineup!

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