Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minerals and more

Drank another glass of the Bessin "Montmains", and I'm just completely, unabashedly amazed at this wine. Becomes more and more elegant, and delicate, without losing any of its steely minerality and acidic backbone. Any hint of bitterness at the finish disappears, and you're just left with a long, seductive blossom of fruit and stone in the mouth.

Picked up my mother tonight, from the airport. Freezing outside, just absolutely frigid. Waited in the cell-phone parking lot, and wanting to conserve some fuel, I shut the engine off. Within 10 minutes, my teeth were chattering. Didn't have to wait long, the flight from HK was fairly empty.

Struggling a bit with skin issues. There's nothing like an outbreak of pimples to bring out all your insecurities. What's going on?

Going to finish off the Burgundy tomorrow night, maybe we'll open a Chinon? Or maybe a Rioja? Who knows, I like a little suspense in my life.

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