Sunday, February 1, 2009

Modern Classic

It seems everytime we see Federer and Nadal, it's an instant classic. There just isn't a better rivalry in all of sports. Nothing - you'd have to go back to the old, old Boston/L.A. rivalry in the NBA to see something of this level. Just incredible.


Nadal really seems to have his number. It's eerie to see a grown man break down like that. It's unbelievable - Nadal gets him on clay, on grass, and now on hardcourt. I can see the frustration. I watched some of the highlights, and by the final set, Federer just had this almost defeated look on his face. And this is Federer we're talking about, the king of cool under pressure. Wow.

Federer's always been my favourite sports star. He has that calm demeanor that's so inspiring - I want to be as cool and focussed under pressure. He has great respect for the game and for the opponents, but he has ice in his veins - this man just doesn't make any mental errors. The best tennis player ever. Come on, who wins 13 Grand Slams, and is No.1 for 237 consecutive weeks? I just think it's Nadal. He's the only man in the world that can take down Federer, and that's got to shake your confidence. And the man is only 22!

This is passion, this is love for the game. There's really no more reason for Federer to be this upset - what else does he have left to prove? He's one win away from tying Sampras for the Grand Slam record, which he surely will get. My respect for him just jumped another few notches.

They're showing the match again on TSN, I'm watching the entire thing now. It's ok Roger, shake it off. You're still my hero.

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