Friday, February 13, 2009

NV Grand Cru Chouilly


NV R & L Legras Brut Blanc de Blancs, AC Grand Cru Chouilly.

I've been looking forward to this wine for so long!

Why am I blogging on a Friday night? I really don't have a cool-sounding answer to that. Before I start sounding even more like a loser, let me tell you about this wine.

It's so unfortunate that most people don't see Champagne as wine - they see it as **Champagne**, the once in a year bubbly alcohol that you pop on New Year's, and that rappers chug because it implies that you're rich and classy. F*cktards.

Champagne is one of the most transcendant wines I've ever had the pleasure and privilege of drinking, and every time I have a taste, I'm reminded of the power and the wonder of wine. I remember why I fell in love with wine in the first place and why I pursue my hobby obsessively. I read Peter Liem's blog and I see myself as so lacking - I really don't know anything about wine compared to industry characters like him, but that doesn't discourage me, it only makes me hungry for more knowledge and more experiences. I'm a huge fan, Peter, by the way. The piece on "Goblessness"..........brilliant!

Anyways, onto this wine, before I get too carried away. Light, yellow gold colour. Very fine mousse, thick and persistent. Nose of minerals, yeasty as it warms, citrus. On the palate, it develops and becomes richer - shows off its chardonnay profile. Lots of sweet almonds, lemons, and finishes with lemon zest, minerals. Long, long finish. Lots of purity, lots of energy. Absolutely delicious.

This is a very young Champagne, but I do have another bottle put away, so I'd love to see how it develops. It's showing some complexity now, but I want to see how far it can go. Unfortunately, it doesn't show its disgorgement date - but I assume it's been disgorged at most in the past year to 18 months. An extremely delicious, young Champagne. I prefer them a little more mature, but then again, I love Champagne at all stages.

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