Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Officially certified

A milestone was achieved today. Finally, I feel like i'm officially a member of the workforce. You know how? I got my business card today.

I know its not much - I'm fawning over nothing. It's like when a new father tries to convince you that their baby is a genius because he knows how to say witty little things that don't make sense to anyone else. A little harsh? Definitely. But I'm just kind of tired about sappy ass parents who go on and on and ON about everything little thing their kids say/do. It's not that special!!! You'd think their kids were shitting gold eggs or something.

Anyways....sorry. Just had to share that. I got my business card!


  1. hahaa good job. that's an exciting moment :) WOOOO. go you.

  2. lol, thank you thank you.....

    sis, are you in Montreal? Because if you are, what are you doing on my blog and not in Vieux Montreal?? Go out!!!!!