Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have to apologize to my Honda Civic. Sorry, baby, didn't mean to. I slammed her door this morning in a fit of rage. Should have kept my cool and taken my anger on someone else. Someone else.

Hard to control my rage when someone just oozes negativity at you, when everything out of their mouth turns usuallly critical, and who's no stranger to spewing oral feces.

F*ck, I was steamed when I left the house, f*cking steamed all day at my desk, and still f*cking steaming mad. You think I'm joking? Do you think I'm joking? F*cking as illiterate as the rest of your f*cking degenerate family.

I'm trying to calm down.


  1. hmmm ....chilllll....what's wrong???

  2. oh serene...a lot is wrong but i shouldn't be airing it out here. just lost it last night.

    getting really old complaining and fighting about this stuff. i really miss living in waterloo right now.