Friday, February 27, 2009


When I started my blog, I wanted to find an outlet to be creative, and to document my expanding knowledge and experience with wine. It was personal, and meant only for myself and my friends. I had no desire for this space to be viewed by the general public, and to be debated as if it was some kind of insightful truth. I write honestly and as soulfully as I can, and I make no apologies.

I'm so disappointed that this character insists on pushing my buttons, as if it's to satisfy some sick thrill of having someone verbally rip him to shreds. As if he's baiting me, to see if I'll bite and dissolve into a profanity filled mess. It's so easy to fall into this trap, of retaliation and of anger. But that's not me anymore. I refuse to cheapen this creative space, and I refuse to let an illiterate little punk goad me into crassness.

What would induce someone to act so pathetically, to a complete stranger? Insecurity perhaps, but also maybe just pettiness. Its disappointing, especially if this character is supposed to be in the wine trade. What was an opportunity for learning instead turned into a fairly one-sided schooling. Come on, if you're going to offer a retort, offer something more meaningful than that last comment. Weak. And trying to pass yourself off as a veteran of the wine business? Even lamer.

Anyways, it's never worth getting into these kinds of meaningless exchanges. And to be honest, it's only worth debating if the other person is educated, at least semi-literate, and has interesting things to say. And what are you doing visiting my blog, for almost an hour, in the middle of the afternoon? Go to school, get to work, do something productive buddy.

On to better things...

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